Monday, November 5, 2012

I'm finding it difficult to write.

So, I've developed a problem and figured instead of sitting here trying to write about I have no clue what, I'd write about that. I'm unable to write really right now, I've developed a somewhat severe writers block which is making my mind go blank when I try to articulate my ideas into words. The process my mind goes through to achieve this frustrating feat is my general creative flow is present and influencing my thoughts as usual, and once I think I have something to write down I'll go to do so, and it acts like a small kitten to shy to be pet yet. I'm really in dire need of this to undo itself though.

Ultimately what I'm getting at here is I'd like whoever reads this to give me some new methods for getting writing inspiration. I know, it's awful right? You go read a blog and then the person writing is asking for your help, seems a bit backwards being reading is generally educational, doesn't it? But it's happening so here's what you should do: Come up with one or a couple(whichever suits you) methods to give writing inspiration, and then leave them as a comment. Also: If you have any other thoughts on how to remove oneself from a prolonged period of writer's block please feel free to comment about that.
Well, unfortionately that's all I'm able to come up with so far today, but we'll see what's coming soon, eh?

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