Thursday, November 29, 2012

The road...

Walking down a one way stretch, there's always an experience to catch.
But always have remember there's only one direction and you can't go back.
But sometimes, within the thoughts of the past you'll discover yourself entrapped.

Pressuring opportunity and free-will enact nervousness in choosing which directions to take when laying the road which is your life.

But when the only moment you can form is immediately don't meaninglessly meander in the seemingly harmless elapse, tangled and trapped.
Press on henceforth in your conquest to beyond.
Balance is what maintains the opportunity to subsist in space's pond.
Process of flow and determine how the dice roll, and comeuppance directs 'fate.'
It's a process of yin and yang, if it weren't meant to exist it wouldn't remain.
Attract positive energies and you're bound to be of cheer, but the negative is likely to bring fear.

-yet to be finished-

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