Sunday, September 30, 2012

You never know...

We never know where our day is going. We never know where our life is going. We never know where anything is going really, until we get there. So imagine to yourself that whatever endeavors you've been aspiring towards are now completed and you're sitting there feeling accomplished, what do you do now? Do you know where you're headed after that? Next time you say good bye to one of your loved ones, you don't know what is going to happen once they're out of site, yet you'll most likely make plans regarding when you'll see them again upon their return... But you don't know what's going to have happened, or if they'll be back when they said. The only conclusion I can come to is that we should stop planning, and trying to know the future, and instead attempt to make it the best future that it can be, and let yourselves be surprised, so you can stand in awh to the beauty that will be there.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My thoughts on the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is influencing everything in the known and unknown universe. We used to believe the law of attraction was as simple as gravity. We have since learned that the law of attraction can influence thought.

 Some studies were done giving out a crossword puzzle to a group of people, they were all given the same conditions to complete the crossword. The next day they had them all do another crossword. Everybody scored 20% higher on the text that had secretly been released in another cities newspaper the previous day. The data in the end presented incredible evidence suggesting that because those problems had been solved the day prior, the knowledge universally became easier to access. Why would you think this happened?

Farther past that, in my own life and in research of mine I've found other's have experienced the same reaction to: simply thinking positively. I've dealt with a lot of depression simply put, and have been pessimistic for a greater deal of my life. I've at times truly felt the world is an awful place, I'd disagree with myself now. The world is whatever you make it, and how you feel is the manifestation of the thoughts and experiences you surround yourself with.
  • If you walk into a room feeling unwelcome, you will want to leave and you will one way or another.
  • If you walk into a room feeling amazing you'll have a positive time, and even if something mildly unfortunate happens you'll have enough positive momentum to just keep going.
If you can truly bring yourself to have positive thoughts frequently, you'll become frequently happy, because it's a habit. We are habit based creatures, we follow habit almost with no question. If we begin to frequently have depressing thoughts, we continue to have those thoughts, and evolve them until they grow larger than ever imagined. Don't be scared. Your brain can do the exact same process in reverse, all you have to do is frequently think you're feeling well, that you're happy, that you have what you want, whatever you want. The secret to this is though you have to believe it.

This won't make you feel better instantly, it won't make you feel better in an hour, necessarily. Over all it will brighten your life in so many ways you won't believe it. It will be subtle at first, then you'll never doubt it again.

If you decided to actually read this I hope you can take as much out of it as you can.

Remember also, this is just my thoughts. My own personal philosophy and how I feel, if you have any thoughts, comments or any input please feel free to comment.
I'm always up to learn, discuss or be flamed.


"Everything is relative.."

Monday, September 24, 2012


So, I've added advertisements to my page, annoying I'm aware. But, I started this page on a vision of learning how to blog for freelance writing websites, etc., so by adding these advertisements I'm able to accomplish a simmular sort of thing without having to be officially hired yet which is pretty cool. The thing about the advertisements on my page is that I get like a couple cents right now everytime somebody who is viewing my page clicks on an add, not everytime they see it. I won't ask you all to click on my adds nonstop, or anything like that... But, if it won't hurt you or you don't mind.. At least don't avoid clicking them..xD Haha.
Every advertisement clicked also says a thank you.


The fruit of knowledge. "To rediscover the joy of learning."

To rediscover the joy of learning is a broad statement. We could ask ourselves what learning is,  what joy is, we could even go as far as to question if we need to rediscover anything and if we actually haven't forgotten what we learned last time, but all of this is bollocks, just a bunch of wasted text.

To rediscover the joy of learning is as simple as to open your mind.

If you're able to open yourselves up to new ideas, theories, thoughts, physics, imaginative realities and so much more you can find yourself surrounded with thoughts of the wildest things- all found from simply opening your mind, and learning. Everywhere you go there is a lesson to be had, weather it be taking a different route home because there is one light that always takes forever to change, or if it's that your microwave burns popcorn on the popcorn setting so you have to take it out of the over 20 seconds before it says.

What are you interested in?
What do you enjoy doing?
If you don't enjoy doing anything(I call bullshit, but I'll bare with you), what do you enjoy watching?
What do you listen to?
What do you think about?
And last but not lest: Are you a parapoligic?
If you had any answer other than yes on the last one, you're capable of moving around and doing something and if you reference any of the other answers to the 'no, I'm not missing all four of my limbs therefore I'm not entirely disabled' to the 'Are you a parapoligic?' question you will find there is always something to do if you really want to, and once you start doing stuff you'll find pride in accomplishment.

Learning is really a self sustaining process, because it's fed ambition, and produces sustainability.
The learning process if flawless, so why don't you go find something that you can do, progress into finding something you love doing, and then while rediscovering the joy of learning keep it up.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Illumination- Poetry ov Mine

Blank eyes cast across twilight skies.
Reminds me I'm alone.
Cast aside and lied to,
And I've burnt the bridges home.
Suffering in agony, butchered of all hope.
Blank face.
Staring, lost in the matrix of starts.
Wind blows, almost as if it carries a message from a land afar.
Blowing past your ears, it leaves a message so clear.
The message strikes fear, memories from the past.
The light sparkles off of the tear that could not be held back.
The moon sings to you, the sea matches her tone..
The trees breath for your,
Your lungs are filled with new.
The grass sleeps with you, to dream in your world..
Eyes close, with a rested head.
Drained of energy, no concept of time.
Dawn approaches, light on the horizon.
Night creeps away, the mysteries of the day arise.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hobo Superheroes!

five homeless guysrestrained and secured a sex offender just out of jail recently until the police came when he attempted to grab a fifteen year old girl on a bus in california. when i heard about this it rdefinitely made a positive contribution to my day.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

In respect to Neil Pasricha.

Today I learned of a man named Neil Pasricha, I don't know if you've heard of him, but in my opinion he is a bright light in today's world. He started a blog regarding the little positive things in life while he was at an all time low to direct attention to those things that warm you on the inside as apposed to the chaos spilled upon you by more sources than most realize in day to day life.

His blog is titled 1000 Awesome Things, and in my opinion it is specifically special because it was created to lift his mood, by being able to have a place in his life where the positive aspects of reality were the point of focus, and it evolved into a source of positivity for millions proving a little seed of positivity can amount to more than one would imagine.

Personally I admire his idea, and it's encouraged me to share with you something somebody I know started named "Hug Bug," and before you ask yourself the question yes the root of the idea comes from "Slug Bug" but the difference is this isn't meant to spread any form of pain. Instead of punching somebody when you see a Volkswagen Beetle hug everybody your with, and maybe even others, and tell all of your friends about it and so on...

This concludes this blog, so I bid you an excellent proceeding  to the rest of your day.


Monday, September 17, 2012


From my studies of people, something I've come to question are people's standards.
I accept that I may be wrong in my analysis here, but to me it appears as if people follow the same evolutionary pattern psychologically, as animals do over long term evolutions. We adapt our views, traits, habits, everything to where we are. Although we do attempt to evolve our environment to us, we still always mould one way or another to where we are- I don't see anything wrong with this. Where I'm going with this though, is as children in elementary school, through middle school, and even through high school you're always asked: "What do you want to do/be when you grow up?" Almost implying that a singular activity is supposed to describe you. This mixed along with college prices, and laws requiring licences to sell almost anything, and so on prevents people from being able to do many things, what I'm getting to is that I feel like everybody is meant to evolve throughout their life to want to do many things and this closed minded competitive atmosphere of today's world is inhibiting it.

So I'm sure somebody is thinking "Well that's just depressing... Thanks asshole." but that's not the point. I'd like to suggest something to anybody who happens to read this: If you ever want to do something in life do not hesitate. Do not leave it as a dream, you'll often be surprised with the experience you find, and sometimes you won't. Even when it isn't the result you had hoped for, you will always gain something, you will learn at least something and grow in some way. Do yourself the favor, give yourself the experiences you want.

Grammar is key.

So, today in my Blogging class we had a lesson on run on sentences, sentence fragments, and grammatical errors related to that. Although this was quite remedial for me, I had some surprising results:

The Capital Community College Run On and Fragment quiz: 6 wrong and 4 right.
(I would enjoy discussing a couple of my answers if I had the opportunity, because I feel as if some of them were debatable- I'm most likely wrong.)

On the other hand we had the "Grammar Bytes- Chomp Chomp Quiz on Sentence Fragments which I scored perfectly on.
(Ironic? I think not... Quite possibly my dyslexia played some tricks on my eyes. I know the concept of this material very well, but I finish sentences for myself at times if there are a lot of repeating words because my eyes scramble them.)

For those of you who would enjoy an example of a run-on sentence and a sentence fragment simply read below:

Run-On Sentence example:
Last week I went to Children of Bodom's Blooddrunk tour where they headlined for Swallow the Sun, Enslaved, Morbid Angel and Blood of the Black owl; the show ended up being more than six hours, having a pit on almost the whole bottom level, and a triple encore, unfortunately though you had to be 21 for re-entry so I was unable to take a 'breather' between bands.
This is a really easy to accomplish error. Sometimes we'll have a large idea or long story to tell and we want to express it as quickly as we're able to think about it, but you still have to slow down and explain it properly or what you've expressed isn't as well articulated as you'd imagined in your head.

Sentence Fragment example:
Right on the other side of Kipling.
This is something you may say every day, and not even stop and think that it is a short, not proper (Although it is acceptable in a short verbal sharing of information.) to write response. This is easy to fix though, all you have to do it add a bit more information.
Example: The gas station is right on the other side of Kipling.
This is now a proper sentence.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

'Blogography' is what they call them.

So, I'm taking this blogging class at my school, Jeffco Open School. My initial inspiration for taking this class was the little bind I found myself in whilst applying for freelance writing jobs online, and finding that I had to know how to 'blog.'(As a verb.) So I started taking this class, and found out some pretty interesting facts about 'le blog;' such as blogging was originally done on paper and it was a news updating system essentially, that informed persons on what was going on withing a specific subject, which to me was fascinating. But, obviously from the title of this post I'm not telling you about my class, or my school, or my aspirations for writing, no... I'm writing not a bibliography, but a 'blogography' is what they call them.

So let's cut to the chase. My name is Odin. I'm a philosopher, a metalhead, a hippie, a daydreamer, and a Viking. I'm interested in a ridiculous amount of things, but primarily everything. I'll probably mostly be posting about my views regarding the basic issues in the world  and what mankind has done to this planet- in my opinion, and the problems I see, not recycled words and opinions from every bodies most loved or hated media source.

My personal opinion is:
If everybody on the planet were to go into nature with no man-made devices and created their own means for survival, entertainment, and ultimately life, everybody on the planet would feel more wholesome, happy, and capable.
We've conventionalized, linearized, and made bland the world that brought us life. Nobody has freedom anymore, because they have to do something by somebody elses' standard to simply survive. Nobody should have to have money to be alive, we're limiting ourselves with convenience which is ultimately preventing us from having the skills to keep ourselves alive, so then we have to rely on an abusive system for stability.
"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." -Jiddu Krishnamurti

Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Post.

Thursday, September 6th, 2012; 2:30pm

So, this is going to be my first blog entery ever. Thus far I haven't entirely decided what I'm going to post about of frequent, of even if there is going to be a common theme within my posts.
I would make this post longer but I'm not quite sure what to put here, so I'll get back to this another time.