Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fear thy munchies!

Oh my! I've had a incredibly frightful experience last night!!

Around 19:00 (07:00pm) my mother came home with my little brother and they had a surplus of groceries of which I was pleasently surprised. After helping bring in all the food and put it away I decided on making some Pizza Rolls, what happened next I would have never expected.

The first plate I made turned out fine, I ate them down as I normally would, thoroughly enjoying all of the deliciousness. The first plate went down so well I decided on another! After making my second plate I ate down to the last two Pizza Rolls... I ate the second to last Pizza Roll and found glass in my mouth!!! What the fuck?!?! Tontinos is slacking.... cause that's not cool.

I have yet to decide what my final course of action will be regarding my glass infested Pizza Roll.


  1. Oh dear. Don't die. That's not a thing that's allowed for you to happen. I mean, what would we do without out the beloved Odin of the school?

  2. One time I was eating a hot dog and I found a screw... What even. I haven't eaten a hot dog since.

  3. I can't eat Pizza Rolls anymore; I'm too sketched out.