Monday, December 10, 2012


I've been thinking, and there's a lot of words and terms I don't hear much anymore that I think should be recognized and brought back, words with class that put things in a more articulate(using language easily and fluently; having facility with words.) way in my opinion.
These words include:

Steezy: A word meaning style with ease.

Rad: A word meaning really cool, but in a more subtle way, as opposed to extreme or awesome.

Word: Word is the shortened form of the phrase "my word is my bond" essentially it means "truth" or "to speak the truth." Implies something is legitimate.

Legitimate(Legit): A word used to describe something in the up-most truthfulness as well as other times implying severe impressiveness of something.

Groovy: A word meaning highly stimulating or attractive, excellent.
(Synonyms: Sick, Wicked, Sweet or Dope.)

Boss: A word meaning incredibly awesome or miraculous. Or implying alpha stature, "winning."

Chill: The word "chill" has a lot of uses it can mean to calm down, to hang out, to be easy going, for something to decrease in temperature, for something to be okay, or to imply something is groovy.

Terms for cigarettes: Coffin Nail, Fag, Tab, Snout, Stoge and Square are less used.

Terms for good-looking: Sharp, Attractive, Beautiful, Stunning, Breath-Taking, Aesthetically Appealing, and Dazzling.

How do you feel about these words? Did you know what they meant? And do you have any words you think should be brought back & why?

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